FRP Tanks & Vessels

Magic Composites, Inc. manufactures a variety of fiberglass tanks using the highest quality corrosion-resistant reinforced plastic (FRP) materials. Our FRP Tanks in a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations. Magic Composgties, Inc. offers OEM and supplies custom shapes to meet the exacting demands of our customers. Our extensive experience in design and fabrication of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) tanks give us the ability to fabricate tanks up to 15m (50 ft) in diameter. Common applications include acids, alkali, bleaches, brines, chlorides, solvents, oxidizers and more.
Cone Bottom Dished Bottom Yellow Gel-Coated Flat Bottom
The most cost effective design of any tank model, designed to be fully supported on customer supplied concrete pad.
Designed to be fully supported by customer supplied concrete pad, but with two options; external or internal slope.
When complete drainage is critical, our standard 90 model offers the best solution. The tanks come standard with a primed carbon steel leg support stand.
When floor space is ample and head space is restrictive, horizontal tanks offer the best solution.
All tank models are available as double wall.  Check out the features of Magic Double Wall Tank.
Bins for quick storage and portability and when the space requirements call for rectangular configuration, we have that too. 
Offering a near complete drain at a more attractive price than cone bottoms yet still provides clearance from the tank bottom to the floor when head pressure is required.
A vast array of manholes, fittings and accessories to choose from, take your time in selecting your needs to complete your tank requirements.