Piping Systems

Magic FRP Piping Systems, utilize epoxy or vinyl ester resins as corrosion barriers and fiberglass for their structural strength. Fiberglass pipe has great unsupported strength capability, corrosion resistant interior and exterior, is light weight and easy to fabricate/install, and has a very smooth interior for higher flow rates, reducing energy consumption.
fiberglass pipes fiberglass pipes fiberglass pipes
Magic G - Series fiberglass pipe is filament wound using an amine-cured epoxy resin and fiberglass and has a resin-rich liner reinforced with a surfacing veil for superior corrosion resistance.
Magic CP - Series FRP piping is recommended for most highly chlorinated or acidic mixtures up to 175°F and many other chemicals up to 200°F.
Magic CC - Series Piping is a fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin pipe with a special abrasion-resistant liner composed of small spherical beads of high alumina ceramic, held in an epoxy matrix
Magic R - Series FRP piping is an unlined, filament-wound FRP pipe ideal for light chemical services in salts, solvents and pH 2-13 solutions that corrode traditional metal pipe.
Magic Z - Series FRP piping uses proprietary resin for outstanding corrosion resistance to aggressive solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, dimethyl formamide, and chloroform
Magic S - Series FRP piping is designed especially for abrasive and corrosive services found in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber applications such as limestone, gypsum and ammonium sulfate slurries.
Magic Composite, Inc. offers a complete line of FRP pipe fittings manufactured from both epoxy and vinyl ester resins.
Magic C - Series FRP piping is recommended for most caustics, salts, solvents, many acids and chemical process solutions up to 250°F.
Magic F - Series FRP pipe uses vinyl ester resin for excellent corrosion resistance (premium corrosion resistant and fire resins available) to most strong mineral acids, bleaching solutions, and chemical waste streams up to 200°F.
Magic D - Series piping systems with two-piece (clam shell) fittings that meet EPA requirements and help protect the environment by containing possible fluid leaks in case of damage to the system. Both vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems are available to match your application.