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The fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) fan is well recognized for its proven successes in handling a wide range of corrosive applications, notably in the chemical processing industry and in waste water treatment plants. MAGIC is OEM manufacturer for industrial fans and ventilators, commercial ventilation equipment, pressure blowers, high temperature oven fans, centrifugal and axial ventilators. We offer custom engineered solutions, packaged fans, blowers, ventilators and customized industrialprocess ventilating equipment.
FRP Fans & Blowers FRP Fans & Blowers FRP Fans & Blowers
The Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans include both direct and belt driven fans with backward inclined centrifugal wheels. Fiberglass centrifugal roof ventilators are designed for the exhaust of moisture-laden, corrosive, or chemically contaminated air frequently associated with natatoriums, aquariums, indoor swimming pools, laboratories, and waste water treatment plants.
Magic fiberglass roof ventilators are a practical choice for industrial applications where is corrosive environment. Magic fiberglass roof ventilators are available in upblast and hooded designs. Upblast roof ventilators feature an airfoil axial impeller. Hooded ventilators can be used for either intake supply or exhaust applications.
Magic Fiberglass Wall Ventilators are Designed for general exhaust of contaminated air in a wall-mounted, horizontal configuration..
Magic Centrifugal Fans provide a convenient package design fan with high quality corrosion resistant housing and wheel, constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Fiberlgass reinforced plastic fans are resistant to attack from most chemicals and are ideally suited for application handling corrosive gasses typical in the chemical, pulp and paper, waste water treatment, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, and metal treatment industries.
Magic Fiberglass centrifugal fans offer non-overloading, high efficiency, low noise, and economy or handling both fumes and vapors in a corrosive atmosphere.
Fiberglass direct and belt drive Axial Flow fans are designed for a corrosive air-stream application where standard metallic fans will not work due to the environment.
Our Fiberglass In-Line Centrifugal fan combines the design advantages of the axial flow fan with the performance characteristics of the centrifugal fan. These compact inline fans are the ideal selection for indoor clean air applications including intake, exhaust, return, or makeup air systems where space is a prime consideration. Available in belt drive or direct drive, square or tubular.
Utility Fans provide the perfect solution to many industrial and commercial air moving requirements, and feature heavy gauge, rugged welded steel construction.