About Us

Magic Composites, Inc. is a OEM manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) equipment with the ability to produce high quality engineered process vessels, chemical storage tanks, foul air ducting, piping and a variety of other corrosion resistant products for both the mining industry and other industrial markets. Magic™ Fiberglass tanks, ducts, stacks, hoods and piping are designed and fabricated in accordance with the following basic fiberglass industry standards using high performance and high temperature epoxy vinyl ester resins:
Magic Composites, Inc.-Factory
* SMACNA FRP Duct Construction Manual
* ASTM D-3982 (Contact Molded Duct and Hoods)
* ASTM D-6041 (Contact Molded Pipe)
* ASTM D-3299 (Filament Wound Tanks)
* ASTM D-4097 (Contact Molded Tanks)
* ASTM D-2563 (Acceptance Criteria)

Magic Composites, Inc. also is a leading manufacturer of filament winding equipment in China. We develop, manufacture and support a wide variety of advanced filament winding equipment with a proven track record for quality, service and price.