FRP Centrifugal Fans

Magic Centrifugal Fans provide a convenient package design fan with high quality corrosion resistant housing and wheel, constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Fiberlgass reinforced plastic fans are resistant to attack from most chemicals and are ideally suited for application handling corrosive gasses typical in the chemical, pulp and paper, waste water treatment, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, and metal treatment industries.
China FRP Fans Blowers
Fiberglass Centrifugal Fan - Backward Curved
  • Sizes 12" to 78" (30cm to 150cm) wheel diameters
  • Airflow from 500 to over 90,000 CFM
  • Application Examples - Designed for the exhaust of moisture-laden, corrosive, or chemically contaminated air frequently associated with natatoriums, aquariums, indoor swimming pools, laboratories, and waste water treatment plants.
  • A variety of special resins are available to suit a specific corrosive application.
  • Handle Corrosive Environments
  • Vinyl Ester Wheel Resin
  • Polyester Housing Resin
  • Options and accessories are available
  • OEM is available upon request