D - Series Piping

Magic D - Series Dual containment piping systems with two-piece (clam shell) fittings that meet EPA requirements and help protect the environment by containing possible fluid leaks in case of damage to the system. Both vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems are available to match your application.
Dual containment piping systems are available in 3"-16" sizes. The primary and secondary containment piping is manufactured by either filament winding or the centrifugal casting process.
The dual containment piping system consists of the next larger pipe size (as a minimum) and special two-piece (clam shell) fittings. The size of the containment pipe may be dictated by the leak-detection method used. Standard fittings are manufactured with epoxy vinyl ester resin. Fittings are manufactured by either the compression molding process, or the contact molding process.
Standard Features and Accessories
The dual containment system is designed for use with R - Series, G - Series, Z - Series, CP - Series, and C - Series primary pipe. Primary piping can be centered in the containment piping by using centralizers and anchors as needed.