R - Series Piping

Magic R - Series FRP piping is an unlined, filament-wound FRP pipe ideal for light chemical services in salts, solvents and pH 2-13 solutions that corrode traditional metal pipe. It has been used extensively with great success for petroleum production applications such as saltwater handling, CO2, crude oil and gas, food processing services, water and wastewater facilities, HVAC, and chemical processing services.
FRP Pipes
Standard Features and Accessories
Construction: Filament wound with amine cured epoxy resins and fiberglass roving.
Temperature Range: Up to 210°F/100°C
Joint Types: Bell and Spigot
Chemical Service: Water, Saltwater, CO2, crude oil, natural gas, light chemical: salts, solvents and pH 2-13 solutions
Size Range: 2" - 24"
Inner Corrosion Barrier: Resin rich
Pressure Ratings: 225 - 450 psig