Z - Series Piping

Magic Z - Series FRP piping uses proprietary resin for outstanding corrosion resistance to aggressive solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, dimethyl formamide, and chloroform; it also expands the boundaries for fiberglass piping in sulfuric acid service-up to 98%. Z-Series fittings have positive stop lands for close tolerance fabrication of complex piping systems. Z-Series has been used successfully in 98% sulfuric acid and aggressive pharmaceutical waste stream applications for over 10 years.
FRP Pipes
Standard Features and Accessories
Construction: Centrifugally cast from a premium epoxy resin with proprietary curing agents
Temperature Range: Up to 275°F/135°C
Joint Types: Straight Socket or Flanged
Chemical Service: Aggressive solvents--methylene chloride and acetone; corrosives such as 98% sulfuric acid
Size Range: 1" - 8"
Inner Corrosion Barrier: 100 mils
Pressure Ratings: 150 psig / 10 bar